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Aikido as a great martial art, demands a great patience while it practiced. but, Aikido it not only sport training and technique learning by train. Also, Aikido can be a great way to live the life of great peace inside your spirit and body together... it includes meditations and philosophical with religious views and beliefs and it can be something that you can read about to get more understanding.

Aikido Articles will help you to get to know the aikido better and will let you open your mind for new aikido styles, techniques, believes and also as a general Aikido performance improve - Reading Aikido Articles will help you to know more and by this improve you aikido theoretical knowledge and skills.

Here on Aikido Sensei we Offer you to read free Aikido related Articles... some of them are more about Aikido techniques, ways and improvement tips and some of them are explanations for people who want to know something about this great martial art. You can also send us your Aikido related Articles and we will post it with a credit for you on Aikido-Sensei Articles for free!!

Aikido Articles

The Sixteen Styles of Aikido

The major styles of aikido each have their own Hombu Dojo in Japan, have an international breadth and were founded by direct students of Morihei Ueshiba. Although there has been an explosion of "independent styles" gener...

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Morihei Ueshiba (December 14, 1883 - April 26, 1969) was born in Japan in a place called Tanabe (Wakayama Prefecture) back then It was a small town but today it known as the city Kyotanabe. Morihei Ueshiba also known...

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Aikido For Kids - Top 5 Reasons

Adults may practice Aikido for stress reduction, relaxation, self-defense, its many cardio vascular benefits, or a host of other reasons. But these are concepts that most children don't even think about or care about. So...

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