Aikido Philosophy

The Martial Art Aikido has a special ways to "win" the fight and unique techniques to done it right. Aikido, as a Martial Art is a great way to gain a victory in a non-harmfully way!

The Aikido Philosophy includes a lot of perspectives and philosophical points of view to gain the understanding of the truth Aikido symbolic significance. Aikido is the meaning of Energy working together in Harmony by the body and mind.

Ai-Ki-Do translated as "life and energy merger" or as "the way of harmonious life with energy". the aikido practitioner gain a way for protection and a self defence by using inter-fusion with the attacker while in combat. all this can be made and should be done without causing injury to the attacker.

it is possible to overcome a big attack even if made by more then 3-5 people together becuse in aikido you are using the attackers force and power against them self by some of the great techniques and a fight spirit that says that you souled win yourself first.

Aikido is a way for peace and a great art.

Aikido Philosophy by Osensei Morihei Ueshiba

Watch the video with O'sensei Morihei Ueshiba talking about Aikido philosophy

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