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Sensei ! What is Aikido ?

Aikido is a great martial art and a way of life for healthy spirit and life-style with form of philosophy and religious ways mixed in a great combat techniques that lead to safe way of practice and self-defence.
The Aikido was founded and developted by O'Sensei (The great Teacher) Morihei Ueshiba in Japan between the years 1925-1942.

Aikido is a combined of Ai-Ki-Do and it can be translated as "life and energy merger" or as "the way of harmonious life with energy". Aikido's intention is to give the aikido practitioners a way for protection and a self defence as a martial art that can be used for combat without causing injury to the attacker but yet, overcome a big attack even if made by a few people together.

Basically, The Aikido performed by getting in a inter-fusion with the attacker's force and energy and using it against him - it not requires a big physical strength or a big body and it is made by a special aikido techniques that can be used in a combat or training.

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