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Morihei Ueshiba

Morihei Ueshiba (December 14, 1883 - April 26, 1969) was born in Japan in a place called Tanabe (Wakayama Prefecture) back then It was a small town but today it known as the city Kyotanabe. Morihei Ueshiba also known as O'sensei (Great Teacher) and Kaiso (The Founder) and he is the great founder of the Japanese famous martial art of Aikido.

Ueshiba was a slim rather weak and sickly child and used to read a lot of books. he was the only son in his family between his sisters.
Ueshiba's father encouraged him to start learning swimming and sumo wrestling as a sportive activities when he was very young. also, he told him with stories of his great-grandfather samurai Kichiemon who was a very strong samurai in his time.

Ueshiba's father was involved in some political activities and after the young Ueshiba had witnessed his father being attacked by followers of a competing politician he started to be more interested in the stories and the need for this strength.

O'sensei Morihei Ueshiba had studied a several martial arts when he was young. The master started to learn the great material arts but still he did not train them extensively because of his military service.
He trained in "Tenjin Shin'yo-ryu" jujutsu under the Sensei Tozawa Tokusaburo in Tokyo (1901) then he started training "Goto-ha Yagyu Shingan-ryu" under sensei Nakai Masakatsu in Sakai (1903 - 1908) and also he was traning judo under sensei Kiyoichi Takagi in Tanabe (1911).

in 1912 He moved with his wife to the northern island of Hokkaido and started to study under the sensei Takeda Sokaku, the reviver of the "Daito-ryu aiki-jujutsu" - it was the time when O'sensei started to learn the martial art in a more deep way then before.

15 years later In 1927 O'senei Morihei Ueshiba moved to Tokyo and founded his first dojo - Today it is the "Aikikai Hombu Dojo". After O'sensei had three spiritual visions in his life and a lot of combat and martial arts training - The aikido was founded between the years 1940-1942.
O'sensei Morihei Ueshiba died suddenly on April 26, 1969 (of cancer). Today his ways and his legacy lives with the great aikido sensei's and students.

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Morihei Ueshiba



Morihei Ueshiba


Aikido Founder


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