Aikido Techniques

Aikido techniques can be used in a lot of styles and combination. There are many levels and many ways for preforming the aikido techniques in a lot of different ways and it depends on the complexity of the technique and on it goal of use that changes depending on the situation.

Bassicly, every sensei has his own personal preferences that build up on the basic aikido technique and their combination and sometimes two different aikido senseis can show one technique in a few ways.

The right way to learn the technique in a deep insight is by learning and preforming the basic one and understanding how it works and how it puts the attacker in the position that disables his attack.

Usually, the Aikido techniques are a defense against an attack. all though sometimes there is a use of attack against the attacker mostly, it will a type of paralysis after the self defense move. The aikido technique is a combinations of a few moves that will give the performer the self defence and the turning over of the attacker from a position of power the the one that recives his attack power against him-self, which will bring him to a place of surrender.

Basic Techniques in Aikido

Here is some of the basic aikido techniques of throws and pins, there is a lot of re-styling on different styles of aikido but basically there are some basic core aikido techniques that can be divided to two main lists:

TechniqueTechnique's Name
First TechniqueIkkyo
Second TechniqueNikyo
Third TechniqueSankyo
Fourth TechniqueYonkyo
Fifth TechniqueGokyo
TechniqueTechnique's Name
Four-direction throwshiho nage
Breath throwkokyu nage
Forearm returnkote gaeshi
Entering throwirimi nage
Hip throwkoshi nage
Heaven-and-earth throwtenchi nage
Figure-ten throwjuji nage
Figure-ten entanglementjuji garami
Rotary throwkaiten nage
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